Monitoring Center (MCng)

trovicor’s next generation Monitoring Center (MCng) is an advanced data generation tool that captures, monitors, evaluates and sorts vast amounts of communication, interaction and transaction data from fixed and mobile telephone networks and internet in one single platform. With a flexible and modular design, MCng can be customised to suit specific lawful interception requirements.

MCng provides a reliable, cost-effective interception solution compliant with lawful interception standards and regulations helping decision makers fulfill their mandate to identify and predict trends, patterns or problem areas which require action. The MCng’s intuitive user-friendly interface is flexible allowing users to arrange it according to their needs and providing fast and efficient access to all target related data in one place.


  • Interfaces with a range of existing 3rd party LI systems such as: Geo-location systems, IT intrusion systems and other lawful interception monitoring systems
  • Records and evaluates all target related communications in one central place
  • Facilitates listening and viewing of target’s communication including voice, fax, SMS, emails, IP data, pictures, videos and files received from other systems. Enables the organisation and administration of investigations
  • Allows the logging of user activities for auditing purposes
  • Acts as a data source for the Intelligence Platform
  • Provides a view of the target’s location on an interactive map
  • Exports data, incorruptibly and securely, providing reliable evidence for use in court
  • Supports the latest upcoming technologies, such as Voice and Video over LTE