Intelligence Platform (IPF)

trovicor’s Intelligence Platform (IPF) is a sophisticated data analysis, fusion and visualisation tool which combines data from all types of intelligence systems, data sources and from virtually every communication network, in one single platform.

It enables visual exploration of huge masses of data via unique algorithms, filtering and visual cues using pre-defined use-cases, which are customisable to the individual needs of the client and help to structure and simplify the workflow for the operator.

The IPF is fully integrated with trovicor’s next generation Monitoring Center (MCng) and provides fast analytics on all metadata from specified communications channels. Criminal investigators can uncover patterns, determine relationships, identify suspects, build profiles and gather actionable intelligence in near real-time.


  • Enabled by cell-ID based marking in the mobile networks
  • Intercepts all communication and metadata of the marked areas.
  • Post-incident analysis in the voice domain with CBM
  • Analytics based on speech, relationship and location