Deep Packet Inspection

trovicor’s IQ Probe is a Deep Packet Inspection probe that decodes protocols, extracts information embedded in traffic and delivers relevant information in the form of metadata, content and raw packets. Operators can gain access to subscriber identities, related contacts and communication content.

IQI00 Probe is powered by IQ Engine, which allows real-time evaluation and information collection of all types of IP traffic sent over 100G links. IQ Engine recognises and classifies over 1000 applications from an IP stream, extracts information and delivers metadata, content and raw packets for further processing.


  • Scalable solutions to meet specific requirements
  • Provides subscriber identities (e.g. email address, MSISDN, …), subscriber contacts and communication content (e.g. email body text)
  • Allows inspection of attached text files within an e-mail
  • Detects used protocols / application and can generate IP traffic statistics per protocol and application
  • Fully integrated with MCng and IPF