Uncover hidden evidence

Criminals will always leave hidden traces behind in communication networks or data reservoirs. We uncover those hidden traces and transform them into intelligence to be used as evidence in court – in real-time – by applying the trovicor formula for Actionable Intelligence = f (data generation; fusion; analysis; visualisation). Watch the animation for more information.

data generation

Our Monitoring Centres generate and store communication, interaction and transaction data from communication and IP networks – mass and target data – accurately and reliably.

We only store the relevant data – our DPI probe technologies filter and sort content and meta-data according to defined parameters.



data fusion

Our platforms fuse communication, interaction and transaction data with any kind of structured and unstructured data from any existing intelligence system, public and private source – such as border control data, flight and traffic data, banking and credit card data, criminal records, fingerprint, voice and photographic data.

We provide investigators with fast and efficient access to all relevant data in one central place, and make decentralised sources of information available for real-time analysis


data analysis

Our Intelligence Platform allows the joint analysis of structured and unstructured mass data from diverse sources.

We help investigators collect actionable intelligence in near real-time in order to uncover patterns of criminal activity, identify suspects and their relationships, build suspect profiles, geo-locate targets, and generate alerts of suspicious movements.

We structure and simplify the workflow for the investigator with standard and customised use-cases.

data visualisation

Our solutions visualise target data in use-case specific templates, with both link and map views.

Our solutions offer customised reports that work at the touch of a button.

We export reliable evidence data for use in court – incorruptibly and securely.