Web & Social Network Crawler

Our social network monitoring and analysis solutions automate the collection and analysis of social network intelligence enabling law enforcement to work efficiently and effectively.

Our 3rd party crawler connects to multiple social networks, blogs, and online forums for OSINT collection including but not limited to Google+, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. allowing investigators to uncover identities, contacts, content and meta-data (including location) using a trigger based on selected source network, subscriber ID or keyword.


  • Significantly reduces the effort required for extracting relevant data (e.g. user names, posts, comments, URLs) from key social networks
  • Supports the complete intelligence cycle of data collecting, processing, analysing and distribution and organises data by cases, targets and triggers
  • Helps identify new targets, by searching dedicated social networks for discussions on specific topics (keyword search)
  • Supports gaining access to more restricted social network data that are shared by the target with limited groups of users
  • Geographical coordinates, if available, can be immediately displayed via maps
  • Allows fast and easy system installation without requiring interception or network intervention