Social Responsibility

Acting on our values & principles

Since trovicor was founded, we have been guided by our core values in a socially responsible manner. This includes corporate governance, a focus on employee success, caring for the environment and participation in the global community. We strongly believe that when trovicor, customers, and partners work together, we can turn the world into a safer place and solve critical issues that affect how everyone lives and prospers.

By operating with integrity and guiding principles, we build and maintain credibility and trust with our employees, customers, vendors, partners, stakeholders, and the community.

trovicor's reputation is founded on the personal integrity of our employees and our commitment to the guiding business principles.

Code of Conduct

In summary, the trovicor code requires all employees to:

• Provide products and services to the benefit of today's worldwide society
• Build quality relationships with customers and partners
• Earn customer loyalty by delivering on our promises
• Treat the investments of our shareholders as if they were our own
• Make business decisions based on the best interests of all stakeholders
• Conducting business in a respective manner by obeying the law in all countries where we sell.

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