Service & Support

trovicor has the expertise to take on the intelligence challenges faced by today's law enforcement agencies by providing effective systems and services through its LifeCycle Management Programmes.

trovicor LifeCycle Management for unrivaled customer care

Law enforcement agencies face many intelligence challenges from keeping pace with frequent changes in communication networks to staying abreast of new technologies that produce unprecedented quantities of data.

The LifeCycle Management Programmes (LCM) provide a lifetime solution framework to face these challenges. LifeCycle Management is a trovicor initiative that beneficially manages products and services into a uniform and harmonised solution.

It addresses the stages of any lawful interception solution starting with formulation, continuing with realisation and sustainability to ensuring a smooth and successful operation, and evolving the solution when facing the next challenge.


LifeCycle Management offers unrivalled service products to support the above stages via the respective, tailored programmes that are:
• Consulting
• Professional Services
• Care




trovicor’s services - worldwide

Service components prior to and during project implementation
• recommendations for optimising system capacities
• project management
• system and network integration
• training for system users
• technical workshops
• tailored financing solutions and leasing arrangements

Service components after project implementation
• system support
• system maintenance
• hardware and software upgrades
• advice and system optimisation

trovicor’s services - individual

Special services for the network operator
• comprehensive advice on how to meet the legal requirements when planning LI solutions for new NGN and IP networks
• assumption of all the tasks involved in the case of judicially authorized interception (i.e. outsourcing the LI operator,
  administrator and supervisor functions to suitably qualified trovicor experts)

Special services for the law enforcement agency
• in-depth analysis of the monitoring possibilities (including traffic analyses)
• basic training in the field of lawful interception in IP networks

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