The pillars of our customer relationships have always been the three core values 'mutual trust, reliability, stability.'

Our vision:

'Being the leading solution provider for the intelligence community' - reflects our passion to build a solution driven and sustainable business for a successful future.

Our mission:

'Making the world a safer place' - expresses the understanding of our mission for today and tomorrow.

We are convinced that our expertise helps to maintain and enhance pre-emptive security, and thus contributes to the quality of all peoples’ lives.

As we have pledged ourselves to respect the regional differences in lawful interception, we are member of various standardisation committees.

We don't just philosophise about warnings like 'without security, there is no freedom';  together with our partners we can help to increase safety and security.

Good governance has to take appropriate actions to make the world a safer place for individuals, families and nations. We believe that this is where true freedom begins.

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