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Latest news releases

Balancing National Security

07 May 2015

The challenge of balancing national security with individual privacy.

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Data Centre Security

08 August 2014

trovicor launches Environmental Monitoring Solution for Data Centre Security.

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Made in Germany

04 April 2014

“Made in Germany” has long been a byword for technical excellence and reliability, and this is no less true in the field of security.

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Product Innovations

03 March 2014

trovicor is lead sponsor at ISS World MEA, 2014 and unveils its new modules for its Data Analytics Platform

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New Solution

12 Feb 2014

trovicor releases its new Cyber Security solution for fighting the ever-growing threats of cyber crime

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Business & Financial News

07 Jan 2013

trovicor reports profit for 2012

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Analytics Solutions

03 Jun 2013

trovicor again takes lead sponsorship at ISS World Europe, 2013 demonstrating its new range of IP monitoring and analysis solutions

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Conferences & Activities

08 Feb 2013

trovicor takes lead sponsorship at ISS World MEA, 2013 and Showcases new End-to-End Surveillance Solution

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