Products & Solutions

Products & Solutions

Today, we have the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio with a full range of products, solutions and services. Our Architects and Consultants, each of them with profound technical expertise in the industry, advise our customers and incorporate their operational requirements into the design of customised solutions. These consist of own products as well as fully integrated best- in-class third party products.

Communications & Intelligence Solutions

trovicor is a leader in communications and intelligence solutions that help law enforcement, national security, intelligence services, and other government agencies fight crime and terrorism.

We provide these agencies with technology and tools to help address the challenges they face in achieving their targets.

Government authorities require technically most-up-to-date solutions that accommodate increasingly complex communications networks, growing network traffic and increasing data volume.

trovicor Intelligence Solutions readily handle complex communications and a vast amount of data from virtually every source.

Our portfolio includes solutions for communication networks intelligence, cyber and infrastructure security and target and mass communication analysis.

Public Safety & Security

Law enforcement, national security, intelligence, and government agencies can deploy these solutions as stand alone systems or as part of a large scale system set-up, individually designed to generate intelligence and evidence.  

 trovicor's portfolio of solutions developed and designed to help public safety and security organisations, include border and territory control applications, event and site security and real-time alert systems.

We are proud that governments around the world have selected us as long-term partners for our expertise and capabilities in intelligence solutions supporting them in their duty to safeguard their citizens.    

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